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Priming Essence ; Radiance Layer

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A 2-in-1 primer-essence.

This hybrid essence works well as an essence. It replenishes moisture to dry skin and smooth skin texture

- Cactus-derived ceramide provides 24 hour long-lasting moisturizing effects

- Moisture barrier enhancement for dry, weakened skin

- Gentle primer with skincare ingredients for sensitive skin

Recommended for:

- Those who avoid primers that may lead to clogged pores and irritate their sensitive skin

- Those looking for makeup bases suitable for rough, flaky skin

- Those looking for an intensive hydrating essence that keeps skin moisturized long yet leaves it feeling less oily and refreshed

Liquid Crystal
Cactus Extract
Cactus-Derived Ceramide
Use a priming essence as the last step in your skincare routine.
Let other products fully absorbed before moving onto the priming essence. 
We recommend to use other skincare products in a little less amount than regular use.  
Apply a few drops of priming essence onto the face and gently pat it until fully absorbed.
With no makeup, it serves as a skincare products to improve the skin texture and keep skin moisturized.
As a primer, it coats the skin surface with moisturizing ingredients to help makeup adhere well on the skin and stay put longer.

30ml | Made in Korea
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