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[SHORT EXPIRY] Mask ; Glow and Brightness

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Expiry date: JUN 2023

Mask Glow and Brightness fortifies the skin's defense against environmental damage while providing glowing skin benefits!

A brightening dual pouch sheet mask infused with antioxidant properties, for a bright, radiant skin.
- The hydrating and nutritious milky essence cools skin rapidly while reducing uneven skin tone.
- The silky ultra-fine microfiber sheet allows perfect adhesion with maximum absorption of rich essence onto skin.
- The separate formulas in the uniquely designed dual pouch instantly emulsify when mixed, creating a milky essence that soothes and improves skin tone.
- Suitable for all skin types


Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Cactus Extract
Arbian Cotton
Nectar Pure
*To enjoy the best freshness, mix two solution right before use.

Fold over bottom pouch 3 times and apply pressure until it pops into top pouch. Press onto surface of top pouch evenly until mixture turns milky. Leave sheet mask on for 10-20 minutes after cleansing and toning. Gently pat remaining essence for maximum absorption.

3 sheets per box | Made in Korea
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Expiry date: APR 2023