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Conditioning Essence ; Reframe

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A pH 5 conditioning essence with cactus ferment filtrate to effectively provide hydration and nourishment and help improve skin conditions associated with dehydrated skin.

Recommended for:
- Those whose skin feels tight and dry even after using moisturizing products
- Those with dull and rough oily skin due to excessive sebum production and lack of hydration
- Those with skin conditions due to irregular lifestyle habits and dry environments

* Clinically tested for hydration underneath the skin
* Clinically tested for moisture retention ability

1. Formulated with 92% of Moroccan cactus ferment filtrate obtained by natural fermentation process
2. Boosts hydration as well as absorption of next product
3. Strengthens a moisturizing barrier with Moroccan cactus-derived ceramide
4. Mild essence with a ph level of 5, suitable for sensitive skin


Cactus Ferment Filtrate
Cactus-Derived Ceramide

After cleansing, apply a few drops of this first essence onto the face until fully absorbed. Layering the essence multiple times on any dry areas helps keep skin moisturized for longer periods of time. If you apply toner with a cotton pad to wipe away any remaining residue after cleansing, use the conditioning essence next.

60ml | Made in Korea
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