Treasure of the American Southwest: Jojoba Seed Oil

A treasure from the American southwest, jojoba seed oil has been used by Native Americans for centuries.  The jojoba plant is a highly resilient shrub that grows in America's arid and desert climate in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California.  Native Americans collected the seed from this shrub and ground it to collect its oil-like wax.  When applied to skin, the oil locks in hydration--especially important in dry, arid desert environments--but it also has beneficial antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Dehydrated skin is vulnerable to irritation and inflammation as it makes it easier for germs and bacteria to enter through your pores.  By locking in hydration, jojoba oil both moisturizes and protects skin.  And surprisingly jojoba oil also helps those with oily skin.  Oily skin is just the skin's own defense mechanisms in overdrive.  Skin produces more oil to prevent dehydration but sometimes produces too much.  By keeping skin well hydrated, the skin's defense mechanisms return to normal.

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