The Secret to Clear, Fresh Skin

The Secret to Clear, Fresh Skin

Learn best-practices for your daily cleansing routine

 "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." - Aldous Huxley


Think of your face. For it to look its best under makeup, the skin should first be clear and clean, pore-deep. Here are some important tips and hacks for your daily cleansing ritual to achieve the feel-good glow.


What to Include in Your Daily Cleansing Routine

I choose Huxley products because of its one unique ingredient that I found suitable for my skin – the Prickly Pear Cactus. The key ingredient of most Huxley products is the beauty oil found in the Prickly Pear Cactus Seed found in the Moroccan desert. Moroccan magic.


How to Get Your Daily Cleansing Ritual Right

Cleansing in the morning and at night is the basis of a successful skincare routine. Using warm (not hot) water gently opens the pores and invites your skin to breathe freely. A soft freshly-washed towel is an important tool. We are NOT talking about scrubbing here. We are talking about cleansing. We are thinking of the words “gentle” and “effective” and cleansing twice a day is enough. Even in a polluted environment, washing more than twice can strip moisture off the skin surface. As we look at cleansing products, note that promoting moisture retention is a vital key to any face-saving routine.  

For especially oily skin, the Deep Clean, Deep Moist Series offers several choices to employ in your custom-made double cleansing routine. For normal skin, the Be Clean, Be Moist pair of cleansing water and cleansing gel are recommended.


“Deep Clean, Deep Moist”

CLEASING OIL; DEEP CLEAN, DEEP MOIST is the first step in an effective daily routine. The cleansing oil removes a day’s worth of makeup, and also removes a day’s worth of modern-life pollutants. DEEP CLEAN. In the process, the oil seeps deep into skin, softening the pores leaves skin refreshingly clean and silky smooth without heavy residue.” DEEP MOIST.

In Korea (home of Huxley) “Double Cleansing” is a beauty trend with proven results. Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist is great as a first step. Dissolving impurities and breaking down the left-overs of sunscreen and makeup, it readies the face for the second step - deep cleansing. This step finds any impurities that the first step didn’t and flushes them away leaving a fresh palate for the day or a supple, restful feeling at night. 

For that second step, CLEANSING FOAM; DEEP CLEAN, DEEP MOIST is a natural choice. As you might guess from the name, this foam wash is rich and moist. One can almost feel it removing dirt and other impurities from deep below the epidermis replenishing moisture for a deep clean. Dirt goes away. Moisture stays. As you use the foam, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Welcome to the Moroccan desert at midnight or morning. Feel the starry sky kiss your face. You are ready to face the day or dream through the night.


“Be Clean, Deep Moist”

CLEANSING WATER; BE CLEAN, BE MOIST promotes deep cleansing while moisturizing. Using it at morning and night, it is a terrific way to take the best possible care of your face. The cleansing water shares the prickly pear pedigree with Cleansing Oil ; Deep Clean, Deep Moist calming and soothing the skin. Cleansing water also works like micellar water often used on a cotton pad to remove light makeup without rinsing your face.

Employing many of the same ingredients as Cleansing Water, CLEANSING GEL; BE CLEAN, BE MOIST has a different texture. “Be Clean, Be Moist” is its motto and it delivers on that promise. Like the other cleansing products I’ve mentioned, it can be used as your sole choice, and it will perform very well, indeed. But, as I’ve also mentioned making the Gel part of a regular rotation of products, adds variety, essential to enjoying a routine of any sort. 


Worth The Time and Effort

Daily cleansing. That’s the answer make it part of your daily routine and revels in the benefits - smoother skin, cleaner pores, a vibrant everyday feeling, and heightened self-confidence. Like most routines, it may seem like an arduous task at first. The benefits - both immediate and long-term, though, are worth the time spent. 


 This article is written by Janice Leong, on behalf of Huxley.

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