The Huxley Experience :: A Love Affair for the Senses

In the massive industry that is the cosmetics industry, how does a brand like Huxley stand out in the crowd?


Huxley Singapore products

The first thing you might notice about Huxley is packaging. The simple snowy white caps, clear tubes and frosted glass vials are elegant and minimalist. Search #Huxley on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of happy customers sharing their gorgeous photos, each one a piece of art. Don’t you love flat lays that tell a story about a moment in a person’s life, forever captured on Instagram. Even if you do not share such slivers of your life online, you can appreciate the simple elegance of these beautifully designed products on your nightstand or makeup table. Small pleasures to make you smile. 

- Small pleasures to make you smile -


Open a bottle and you are immediately enveloped in the signature Huxley scent. The fragrance was specially created for Huxley by LUZI, a family-owned Swiss company that specializes in the development of unique scents. The profile of the Huxley scent is a watery, flowery green top note, reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze, or new green leaves in springtime. The middle note consists of soft white blossom scents, as described by jasmine, white roses, lilies and gardenia florals. The base note is a powdery, light musk that lingers beautifully on the skin hours after application.

As a whole the fragrance delivered is like stepping out of a country cottage on spring morning, into a lush green garden. The fresh young leaves are still dewy and glistening in the chilly morning air. As you walk, you notice the early flowers in the garden have started blooming, coyly adding their scent to your morning walk. Hints of exotic and sensual jasmine, and sweet gardenia call for your attention while soft white roses and the heady scent of lilies invite you to stay a while next to a row of immaculate flower beds. As you pick a spot in the garden to sit, you take in the atmosphere of calm serenity and breath-taking beauty. The warm morning sun awakes the scent of the earth and completes the experience with a powdery scent that invokes a feeling of peace and tranquility. Sigh…

Huxley Singapore scent


One of the key aspects of a quality skincare product is the texture. And Huxley products have that detail down pat. Starting with the Cleansing Gel; Be Clean, Be Moist, this cleansing gel is enriched with cactus extract used in lieu of water in its formulation for greater moisturizing effect that typical cleansing gels. The lather it creates is made up of fine bubbles and spreads easily across the face, gently washing away makeup and impurities without causing skin irritation. 


The facial oil, Oil; Light and More is a lightweight, transparent yellow color. When applied to the skin it goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed with gentle massaging with fingertips. A just 1-2 drops of oil is sufficient for your whole face, so the little bottle goes a long way. It is incredibly important to use the eyedropper included in the bottle correctly, never touching the tip to skin to minimize contamination which might lead to product deterioration.


Always finish your routine with a Huxley Cream, choosing from the one of the four routines offered. The Cream: Glow Awakening is a customer favourite as it provides and locks in moisture with a smooth, buttery and cream texture, which melts delightfully into your skin leaving only its scent and a healthy glow. As with the eyedropper, the creams each come with a tiny plastic spatula to scoop out an appropriate amount of cream from the jar. It is important never to touch the creams directly with your fingers to prevent introducing germs and dirt to the cream, which eventually ends up on your skin. It is details like these that display what a lot of thought were put into the final product.



The ultimate aim of the Huxley Experience is better skin; and Korea they call it Chok Chok

The ultimate aim of the Huxley Experience is better skin; and Korea they call it Chok Chok – that dewy bouncy fresh-as-a-daisy skin glow. It is a seemingly effortless glow that is the hallmark of K-beauty. We want to avoid dull, shallow skin with a blue-green tint cause by poor blood circulation, chalky or flakey skin from dryness, and excess sebum, which can cause pimples and other hideous blemishes.

Many people do not realize that their skin is dehydrated, which is not the same as dry skin. Dehydration can affect any skin type, and is most often due to poor skincare habits, diet, weather, stress and irregular sleeping patterns. Air-conditioning, caffeinated drinks and salty food, are some off the local causes for dehydrated skin, which can still be oily due to our skin desperately trying to pump out emollients to keep the moisture in. Unfortunately the emollient, known as sebum is a feast for bacteria, and bam, you have pimples.

Huxley skincare range was specifically formulated to tackle this struggle for skin hydration. This is why the makers sought out the most powerful beauty oil as a key ingredient in all their products – the Prickly Pear Seed Oil. This oil is has been used for generations as a beauty oil by the Berber women of Morocco, and is incredibly laborious to produce, making it one of the most expensive beauty oils in the market. Only the highest quality certified organic prickly pear seed oil goes into Huxley products. 

Look after your skin, and you will be rewarded with beautiful skin.

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