Evening Skincare Routine for Hot and Humid Weather in Singapore

Evening Skincare Routine for Hot and Humid Weather in Singapore

What you need to do to rejuvenate your skin in hot and humid weather

In our earlier article, ‘Morning Routine for Hot and Humid Weather in Singapore’, we have elaborated on how the upcoming hot season can detrimentally affect your skin, and why it’s important to adapt our skincare routine to suit the weather.

In this article, we will share with you what you need to do in the evenings to help tackle the effects of this unfortunate weather. 

Evening Routine

The evenings are the perfect time for you to replenish the lost moisture and nutrients in your skin. Consider it as downtime for your skin to truly rest from the day’s stressors and aggressors, and repair itself. Here, we break down the steps of your evening routine for your easy reference.

#1 Cleanse

Remove traces of make-up, dirt and fine particles that have accumulated through the day, before using your usual daily facial cleanser to deep clean your skin. It has been a long day and your skin needs to breathe, especially if you have been wearing the protective mask all day.  For cleansers, we recommend using:

#2 Exfoliate

Two to three times a week, spend time to exfoliate your skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities that clog up pores, which occur more frequently in humid weather. A recommended product to use:

  • Huxley Scrub Mask ; Sweet Therapy: Its naturally-derived exfoliating ingredients, such as loofah, ground walnut shells and white sugars, make the scrub mask gentle to the skin. It also has a cool ‘Quick-melting gel matrix system’ which is used to make the skin smooth.

#3 Treat

Now that you have cleaned your face thoroughly, it is time to give it some tender loving care. Your skin needs to replenish its nutrients. The sun’s harsh UV rays and urban heat cause our own body to produce excessive free radicals. To help beat out the odds for oxidative stress, apply serums that are antioxidant and hydrating. Be sure to apply serums to your skin after you have prepped it with toner. Our recommendation for serums is:

#4: Moisturise

Evening is the time to really plump up the moisturisers. You can use a thicker and slightly heavier cream to help replenish moisture to your skin, especially if you sleep in air-conditioned rooms all night. Air-con makes the air dry, and that too can affect your skin. Our recommended products are:

#5 Eye Cream NEW!

Ladies, we can never neglect the skin around our eyes. This is increasingly important considering the strain our eyes undergo with outdoor sun as well as blue light from digital devices. Even the simple act of rubbing our eyes cause wear and tear on the delicate skin that surrounds our eyes. Our recommendation for eye protection is:

  • Huxley Eye Cream ; Concentrate On: Formulated with botanical ceramides from Moroccan Prickly Pear Seed Oil with unique liquid crystal emulsion system, this eye cream not only provides long-lasting hydration for thin and dry skin around the eyes, but is suitable for the entire face too.

#6: Indulge

Evening is a time for you to wind down from your busy day. Take time to disconnect from your devices, take mindful deep breaths and calm your entire being down. Indulge in things that delight you – your favourite scents, your favourite music, and some of your favourite fruits. Treat yourself to a hydrating face mask to help cool the skin down.

Self-care is important. Only when you feel good, can you go on to do great things in your life. We all deserve that downtime and a little indulgence.

Stay Safe, Take Care

Summer season in a hot city like Singapore during the pandemic is not really that fun. It can be downright stressful! We hope that these two guides can help ease you of your worries. We can only emerge from the pandemic stronger.

Remember to care for yourself, eat healthily, connect with people and practise self-love.



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