FEEV - A new Genre of Skincare

FEEV - A new Genre of Skincare

Audacity not to hesitate to cross boundaries

Huxley's sister brand, FEEV has been officially launched in Singapore

Answers to 101 questions about your skin

Everyone has their own questions about skin.
However, the content of these questions changes variously
due to countless reasons such as changes in the external environment, physical factors, and lifestyle.

FEEV began with a thought to find answers to these endless questions.

Hyper Skincare Solution

We selectively chose raw materials from nature, which solve skin problems, and latched on core ingredients which have intensive efficacy of what skin needs, found in the raw materials.

Taking one step further, with technology, we have developed active ingredients that offer the same efficacy as the core ingredients in natural raw materials.

Loaded with those active ingredients, FEEV's unique hyper skincare solutions have been completed.

Key Ingredient

Birch has already been used as cosmetic raw materials such as birch extract and birch sap. In order to more effectively deliver the efficacy of this birch tree, we paid attention to a core ingredient called “betulin” in the birch tree.

Betulin, the active ingredient of birch, soothes skin irritated by external factors, and calms redness. It also improves skin conditions and boosts skin health.

We put our effort to get good quality and yet eco-friendly botulin. Betulin in our products is a clean label ingredient developed by Canada’s Terlys in compliance with the Forest territory sustainable development system in Quebec.
To extract only Betulin out of the birch, it was refined and conditioned with high technology.

FEEV will introduce a variety of products containing betulin as a key ingredient. Our first products with betulin are Hyper-Intensive Conditioning Serum and Hyper-Fortying Barrier Cream.

Amber is fossilized tree resin that has been used as a healing agent in Europe for thousands of years. How could this amber have been used as medicine? It is thanks to the efficacy of the active ingredient, succinic acid found in amber.

Succinic acid maintains the skin's pH balance as well as oil/water balance, soothes and improves problem skin, and controls excess sebum for smooth skin. In addition, unlike salicylic acid, it gently cares for the skin.

However, not only it requires a lot of time and labor to extract succinic acid from the amber, but also the amount of extract is absolutely insufficient. Thus, there is a limit to use it as a main ingredient in cosmetics.

To overcome this limitation, Roquette Beauté, a French global company with more than 80 years of history, set out to develop an ingredient that has the same effect as succinic acid found in the amber. Bio-succinic acid was developed and produced through biotechnology using natural polymers.

FEEV will present a variety of products containing succinic acid as a key ingredient. Our first product with succinic acid is Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner.

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